Joeycash Engineering, registered as a business entity in 2003, swung into full operations in 2004, and by 2005 was incorporated under the companies and allied act of 1990. The 10 years old company is committed to offer very high and efficient services in the fabrication and installation of all forms of billboard advertising structures ranging from: Unipoles, Gantries, LEDs, Mobile Truck adverts, Lampposts’, Backlits, Rooftops, and all forms of street furniture.

Over the years, outdoor advertising has helped to build major brands, helping them pass across their messages not only to their loyal customers, but also to prospective customers. It has evolved over the years from banners, posters, fliers etc to billboards and evolving from just static boards to LCDs and LEDs boards. We efficiently build these products having quality at the forefront of all of our products and solutions.

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Joeycash professional in-house engineering team and drafting staff create specifications for custom design projects of various description.



As our slogan goes- Innovation & Professionalism, we at Joeycash have discerned long ago that Innovation is very important for development in our industry.